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Civil Litigation

Claims of breach of contract, construction defects, and personal injury or property damage due to the negligence of another fall within the category of civil litigation.  Our top rated attorneys have more than 50 years of civil litigation trial experience handling some of the most complex claims.  During that time, we have been privileged to represent some of the largest insurance carriers and their insureds in civil actions.  Because of our vast experience, our top rated attorneys have obtained outstanding results for their clients in the areas of slip/trip and fall claims, defective product claims, liquor liability injury claims, motor vehicle accident claims, and many more. 

Civil litigation is different from a criminal action because the burden of proof required to establish that someone else’s conduct caused your harm is much lower in civil court than it is at a criminal trial. However, a civil negligence claim comes with additional hurdles which must be satisfied in order to recover.  Failing to prove any one of the many requirements can lead to a decision in favor of the defendant.  Because of this, you need an experienced civil trial attorney who can analyze your case and effectively represent you.

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