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Top rated attorneys here to serve your legal needs. Our offices handle a wide range of matters, including civil litigation, criminal defense, and estate matters. We have more than 50 years of combined trial experience, handling cases personally from start to finish.





General Liability Claims
Automobile Claims 1st and 3rd party
Homeowners Liability Claims
Premises Liability Claims
Insurance Coverage Opinions
Construction Litigation
Products Liability
Claims and Declaratory Judgment Actions
Winning isn't just luck, it's hard work

Dedicated Attorney

We are a top rated civil litigation and criminal defense firm representing individuals in civil lawsuits and who have been charged criminally. For years, our top rated attorneys have represented a number of major insurance companies and their insured in claims involving property and motor vehicle incidents resulting in injury.  We have a diverse background with a focus on litigation. Our offices handle a wide range of matters, including premises liability, motor vehicle accidents, construction defects, property damage, personal injury claims and criminal defense. We have more than 50 years of combined trial experience, handling cases personally from start to finish, understanding that our client is invested in the outcome of their matter.

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Over 50 years of trial experience

Our top rated attorneys resolve problems. We analyze every aspect of a case in order to determine the action to be taken under the circumstances. After consultation with our clients on our assessment, we then take action to resolve the issues identified through the conduct of depositions and by filing motions in court. However, in certain instances, litigation may be necessary to resolve a case. If that occurs, you can rest assured that our top rated attorneys have the knowledge and skills to get you the best possible results.

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    Simple Reasons

    Why Hire Us?

    Our attorneys come from diverse backgrounds and cultures. They offer a wealth of varied experiences, knowledge, and skills and have achieved great success in matters in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and in the Federal Courts. We have obtained some of the best results possible including significant appellate holdings in the area of surveillance, statute of limitations, limited tort, venue, and other discovery matters.  In fact, cases that our top rated attorneys have handled are often cited by other attorneys in their cases.

    Winning isn't just luck; it's hard work, dedication and hours spent focused on a client's case.

    Insurance Defense

    Our firm was established with a commitment to providing unparalleled effective representation of the client and cost-efficiency in the litigation process. Our firm has over 50 years of litigation experience. We are privileged to represent some of the largest insurers in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and their insureds; handling a variety of legal actions including: homeowner, premises liability, UM/UIM, motor vehicle liability, and products liability.

    Personalized attention

    If you are seeking an attorney, the top rated attorneys of Riemenschneider & Lindsey can help. With multiple years of experience handling matters for insurance carrier clients and in defense of criminal matters, we possess a wealth of knowledge available for your use.

    Avoiding the Bureaucracy

    We are a firm that prides itself in avoiding the bureaucracy and hidden costs often experienced at large law firms. Our attorneys offer their clients the highest level of legal acumen, personal attention, prompt and regular communication, and a bottom line cost consciousness in the handling of matters. We know that the cost of legal representation is always a concern and our attorneys have reasonable hourly rates which allow them to advocate effectively without pricing their services out of reach for the client.

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